Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Carb Cycling For Fat Loss

Envision this: You're at a restaurant eating with companions. The supper hasn't begun yet. You're conversing with one of your pals as the server fills your water glass. She vanishes for a moment then comes back with a crate of crisp bread and sets it before you.

Inquiry: Do you reach for a bit of bread?

In this circumstance, most fellows will return into their "default consuming mode". Their cerebrum will change to autopilot and they'll do whatever they're accustomed to doing. (For the greater part of us, that implies we'll reach for the bread, regardless of the fact that we don't generally need it.)

Carb cycling is the establishment of what I do consistently and with each customer. It meets expectations! I'm going to acquaint you with the fundamentals of carb cycling and the four diverse carb cycling arrangements Easy, Classic, Turbo, and Fit—and in addition 9-Minute Missions, which work in blend with carb cycling for ideal weight reduction results.

To begin with up, the carb cycling nuts and bolts.

What is Carb Cycling?

Carb cycling is a consuming arrangement with substituting high-carb and low-carb days. It's that basic. It likewise has inherent prize days or prize dinners (contingent upon the arrangement you're taking after), so you can at present consume your most loved sustenances all the time. Sounds essentially flawless, correct? You can consume sound nourishments, appreciate sustenances you cherish, and still get more fi

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Racing tomorrow!

It's on like Donkey Kong (love that saying).

I have had such a great few weeks of training since the Rotorua Half Ironman 4 weeks ago, that I am pretty excited about the prospect of going FAST tomorrow. Although, the last few days have seen me feeling very niggly and abit tense, so am praying for a great sleep tonight and a fresh start to the morning tomorrow.

Iris is AWESOME (as I have already informed you in previous posts), and everytime I ride I fall more in love with her! I have high hopes for her tomorrow, so I hope she doesn't disappoint.

The weather is supposedly going to be cloudy with the odd outbreak of sun! PERFECT! The sun has been beating down on us with a vengance the last few weeks, and I am not good in the heat, so if it can remain covered up for the run leg, I would be mighty happy. 

I have a best time to beat at this race/distance of 6hrs 21mins. I THINK I could go under 6hrs if I can run well, but my real goal is to RUN the entire 21.1kms. I have done 4 Half Ironman races now, and I have walked during all of them. I can do a 21.1km run on its own, but not after the 90km bike. So, my goals are to get my nutrition right on the bike so I have the best chance of getting through the run in the fastest time possible - RUNNING. I also screwed up my run nutrition at the last event, so my other goal is to keep that in check. The tide is high 20mins after we start the swim, so there should be no tidal issues at all. Just jellyfish to contend with - YUK! But, I will ignore them... I will ignore them... I will ignore them... I will not get stressed out by a blob!!!!

Once again I have PMS before this race too (you men have got it soooo easy you know), and trying not to gorge on chocolate has been a struggle this week - especially when my Mum is in town and brings chockie treats for the kids. JUST MEAN. However, after the race I will indulge! I have a bottle of bubbles in the fridge also, as I think it is only fair that I get my New Years celebration at some point.... fair enough????

Wish me luck!!!!! You know I will be back with pics and a long winded race report, so check back on Sunday if you dare.